Introducing HooplaAUDIO

HooplaAUDIO is a brand new publisher integration that allows content producers to turn text content into life like voice audio, turning readers into listeners.

Not only will this extend content reach opportunities, into previously untapped areas such as those with reduced vision or literacy difficulties, but it also makes content more accessible to the daily needs of the ever busy day to day consumer.

Once the Audio player has been added to the site, or app content, it will sit at the top of the article with a responsive call to action, encouraging users “Listen to an audio version of {Introducing HooplAUDIO}”. When the user clicks to play, the article will be instantly converted to audio & played out for the user to listen to.

Engage Consumers Where They Already Are

Make your brand accessible on the go – wherever readers have already become listeners – at the gym, doing the housework, on the commute, at their desk etc.

Your Brand

Connect your brand to multiple audio distribution methods to ensure you have presence in the most emerging technology platforms beyond the web into Smart Speakers & more.

Ensure Your Brand Gets Heard

Video & Audio ads are all click to play with sound on from start to ensure that your brand messaging is heard & observed from start to finish.

Add Eardrums to Eyeballs

By adding online audio to plans alongside display or video you’re increasing onsite engagement by 5x.

Native Publisher Integrations

The audio player can be fully customised to match the publishers look & feel.

Voice settings can be altered to meet local accent or language requirements.
Male or female variations available for all language settings.
Integrations into smart speakers through flash briefings, podcasts & the HooplAudio native distribution ecosystem.

Wide Range of Brand Opportunities

Audio ads with display, video and native are all supported within the players dynamic frame

User initiated ads with audio on from start.
Contextually targeted to content type for precision placement.
Custom reporting to measure all stages of user brand & content interaction.
Branding bars can be used as a sponsorship model for contextual content categories or publisher groups.

See how our HooplaAudio ad formats work 

Brand confidence in digital audio advertising is growing YOY.

86% of agencies and 66% of advertisers surveyed* see digital audio as an important part of most media strategies. Contact us to find out about what opportunities digital audio can bring to you.

Digital Audio offers mass reach to a balanced population representation.

Digital audio reaches 28.3 million adults a week (+14% year-on-year), over half the UK population.

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