Playable Ads

Our game units can be built completely custom from scratch or working back to a pre-existing game template.

This is a great way to captivate users with highly engaging brand experiences that see high dwell times in excess of 60s & can be bought on a Cost Per Play to ensure the brand only plays for engaged users.

Available on CPM, CPP

FOC Creative Build

Cross Device Compatible

Average dwell time: 60s

Avg. Completion Rate: 60%

Average Viewability: 95%

Exciting results

Starbucks saw a game play to impression rate of 91%, with 53% converting to voucher downloads.

Using Hoopla’s production team a custom game was built & delivered on a Cost Per Game Play buy metric, ensuring a guaranteed volume of game plays. The unit offered users the opportunity to access a discount code based on achieving a game score of over 30 points which could be redeemed in partner stores.

Built as playable ads or branded microsites.

Highly engaging user experiences with opportunities to scale.
See our LEGO City game site with real-time leaderboards below.

Build Time

Casual mini-games take 15-20 working days for design & build. A minimum of 10 working days is required for build from approved storyboards. More complex games may require more lead time.


Custom mini-games can be delivered in a variety of formats across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. We can also utilise gyro capabilities by allowing users to control the game by swiping, shaking and tilting their device.

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